Vatrostalna LLC Skopje, is established in 1975, and originates from Vatrostalna Zenica (formed 1963),which in that period of time covered the territory of Macedonia and Kosovo.

VATROSTALNA LLC is a professional and authorised company for performance of works in the industry (industrial facilities), performance of all types of hydro insulation by installing the most contemporary materials (foils, coatings), fire protection and other works in the construction.

The specialization for performance of complex thermo technical aggregates in the electricity production industry, metallurgy and chemical industry counts this organization among the rare of this kind in this region.


The premisses of VATROSTALNA LLC are in Skopje. In Macedonia the company employs 153 persons (8 graduated engineers, 6 technitians, 66 High qualified masons, 36 qualified masons)

In Skopje a technical bureaux is formed that does the design services and a commercial technical office that performs selection, supply and delivery of refractory, acid resistant and remaining materials under most favorable terms.

Vatrostalna is an exclusive dealer of several European Companies for production of refractory and acid resistant materials

Equipped with professional staff, long years of experience and the knowledge of thermo technical aggregates is a precondition for our good practice.

In the course of 2013 we received a special recognition from SNC LAVALIN-International Inc Branch who are investors in the facility for sulphuric acid in Bor and STEULER_KCH GmbH who were our supervisors. Also in 2013 we completed the general overhaul in the TPP Bitola where contractor was the German company BABCOCK Borsig Steinmuller Gbh-Oberhasen-Germany, where from we received a recognition for successful and timely completion of the works.