The activities of VATROSTALNA DOO Skopje, can be devided into three basic groups

  • Refractory maintenance of warm technical aggregates, including also design, expertize, delivery of refractory materials, lining of all types of termo technical aggregates, construction, repairs and defect assessment of cooling towers, including instruction manuals for start up and warm up.
  • Acid resistant and anti corrosion protection in the industrial facility, performance of floors, performance of all types of hydroinsulation (roofs, foundations and other concrete constructions), lining of different facilities, sand blasting, rubberlayering, applying acid proof coatings performance of chennels and manifolds through the most contemporary methods and DIN standards, including design. When doing all these works all normatives for protection of the environment and technology of operation are followed
  • Performance of fireproof protection of : cables, walls and passages, metal constructions and other pursuant to the valid European and world standards in that area


Technical and technological credibility of VATROSTALNA LLC Skopje


VATROSTALNA LLC is a professional and authorised company for performance of specialized works in the industry (industrial facilities), performance of all types of hydro insulation by applying the most contemporary materials (foils, coatings), fire potection and other works in the construction area.

The specialization for performance of complex termo technical aggregates in the electricity production business, metallurgy and chemical industry counts it among the rare of this kind in this region.

During the long years of work we have gained the necessary experience on a level of European companies, and we performed works in Germany, France, Sweden, Algiers, Kuwait, Iraq etc.

VATROSTALNA LLC Skopje, as a professional and competent organization is an active participant in all overhauls in FENI Industries- Kavadarci, TPP Bitola, TEC Oslomej – Kichevo, Jugohrom – Jegunovce, Okta Refinery- Skopje, Cement Factory Titan – Skopje, Alkaloid – Skopje, Evropa – Skopje ,etc.

From the area of use of materials while working we use the achievements of top world producers such as: RHI, Refratehnik, KCH, Steruler, Pentagon Plastik, Hogenes, and for some of them we are authorised dealers.

All materials own appropriate atests and ISO – standards.

Materials that are planned for repairs are of top world quality.